It’s All In The Family

Inspiring Our Children….

As a mother of two, I am constantly reminded of how important it is to be a strong role model for our kids in the health and fitness realm. Just recently, the point was made clear by my four year old son. On this particular day I was running a boot-camp and most of our young kids were playing nearby. It wasn’t too long into our workout when my son joined our group. I asked him if he wanted to play and he told me, “I have to get my workout in first Mommy and then I will enjoy playing more.” My heart burst with pride. He has grown up with my husband and me training and doing our workouts as well as me coaching other clients – fitness is a way of life for him. It was so neat though to see visible proof that it was sinking in.

As a parent, it can be difficult to “find” time to exercise. Finding time is really about identifying and living by the priorities in our life. Most parents would never let their kids skip swimming lessons or basketball practice but they fail to hold themselves to the same standards when it comes to health and fitness. An excuse that I often hear is, “I am too busy taking care of my family”. When this excuse arises a quick answer is, ” Aren’t you a part of the family too?”.

As parents, in this generation, we have more of a responsibility to teach our kids about nutrition and fitness then parents did a few generations ago. Back then food was less processed; kids walked, rode bikes, and spent more time playing outside. Today, “ obesity now affects 17 percent of all children and adolescents in the United States – triple the rate from just one generation ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”.  We, as parents, battle the world of video games, computer, television, and an increase in the consumption of processed foods. In order to help our children fight the battle of a sedentary lifestyle and it’s side-effects we have to model healthy behavior ourselves. That means, taking the time out of our day to make time for exercise. the more our children see us do this the better the chance they have

Whether we swim, bike, run, or anything in between, it is important to serve as a fitness mentor for our kids. Whether we leave them for a short while to go to a workout or include them in one, our hope is to “inspire” our children so that they will learn from our example, the importance of fitness.

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Lately, I’ve been writing on perspective. That’s an out-flow of what God’s been teaching me in my own life. So, given that this is a fitness blog, I began to ponder how perspective relates to our physical bodies.

“We as women we look in front of the mirror and automatically jump to everything we hate about ourselves, wish we could change, we’re so overly critical of ourselves,” she said. (The full article can be read at CNN by following the link.)

The more that you visit this blog, or read my personal blog, Predatory Lies, you’ll hear pieces of my story. Briefly, I struggled with an eating disorder and distorted body image for about 15 years. Moms Who TRI is a passionate pursuit for me. I want women to have a confident, Christ-centered view of themselves. I want to enable women to share that  healthy perspective with their children and especially their daughters.

It’s a dangerous world out there. There are advertisements telling you that you deserve every indulgence including rich foods, fast foods, and unhealthy habits. Those are followed by magazines that declare you aren’t thin enough, promise to tell you their special secret to weight loss, and pages of stick-thin models to inspire you. To continue the confusion, there is Facebook and other social media that magnifies the voices of your childrens’ peers and drowns out the value of a mother’s wisdom.

Moms Who TRI wants to be a voice of reason. We want to drown out the chaos and promote simple, healthy habits that you can demonstrate and teach to your children. Exercise can be a fun part of your family’s life. In our bootcamps, it’s a time for moms and kids to enjoy being together, too.

If you can’t join us in Burke, VA, for our moms and kids bootcamps, please join us here online. We will continue to share workouts, health tips and encouragement. If there’s any way that we can help you become healthier, we want to know. Our ears are open, and so is the “comment box”!

Train…Race…Inspire…, It’s Worth It.

If you or someone you know may be struggling with an eating disorder, this is an excellent resource.

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Too Much Fun To Be Exercise!

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Soaking with Sweat!

We did a quick and awesome workout today. We used only 1 weight and mostly body-weight exercises. Anyone can do it! I’ll share it with you here, but you have to know, you’re still missing out. The shuttle sprints are twice as fun when you’re racing against your girl friends!!

5 minute countdown: 2 shuttle sprints and 50 squat jacks – alternate for the entire 5 minutes

30/30 seconds: one-leg stationary lunge, 1 arm shoulder press (here’s where you pick up your weights,) pushups, other leg stationary lunge, other arm press, (repeat for a total of 2 times)

Go through the above workout 3 times.  Good luck!

Kristen took the kids through a soaking workout. They threw water balloons with with their feet while lying on their backs – talk about ab work! They ran races and did other drills. No one wanted to go home.

We took pictures so you can know what you’re missing! We plan to upload and share those tomorrow.

If you live in Northern Virginia, we’d love to have you join us. If not, we will gladly provide you with reasonably priced training plans and maybe, Moms Who TRI will come to your area!

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Portable Fitness

So, you spent the spring moaning about how you needed to get your rear in gear so that you could wear your new swimsuit. As May slipped away and June snuck in, you pedaled faster, ran farther, jumped higher and did your yoga like a good girl. If you live in  Northern Virginia, hopefully you’ve been attending our Moms Who TRI bootcamps, too. Well, good for you, but now you’ve got a problem.

Why is it, that just as we reach the pinnacle of our fitness goals, once on vacation, we lose our self-control at the buffet and complain that it’s so hard to exercise when we’re out of our routine.

I’m not around a gym, and I like the classes. I don’t have my DVDs with me. I don’t have time to workout when I’m celebrating summer with my family. It’s vacation! – shouldn’t I take the time off?


As I write this, I’m on my 13th day away from home, out of routine, away from my workout paraphernalia. I’m excited to announce that I have conquered this problem and after years of making similar excuses, I’ve found several fun, effective ways to get in a good workout while on vacation. Let me share:

1. Get a sandbag

 I just dumped all the sand ($5/bag for play sand at any hardware store)

 I packed my flattened sandbag right along with my clothes, bought fresh sand at my destination and ta-da! A perfectly portable workout.

2. Need workout ideas for just your bodyweight?

It’s really just a simple Google! After finding a few ideas and practicing a few workouts, you’ll be easily creating your own. Here’s one workout template to get you going. 

And this one’s a favorite of mine:

3. You’ve heard of TRX training, right? I found one pretty cheap through Craigslist and now I easily toss them into my suitcase for portable pull ups, atomic pushups and more.

 4. No space? I got a pretty good workout in my sister’s guest bedroom the other day. In less than 8 square feet, I did multiple sets of pushup variations to failure, then squat jumps to failure and situps to failure several times through.

5. No time? Well, sorry, there’s not much to say here, except there’s no time like the present. And seriously, if you push hard, 15-20 minutes will have you huffing and puffing. For me, certain times of day lend themselves to certain activities. Take advantage of a cool morning and go for a run, if it’s getting late, go through a series of deep stretches, if you don’t feel like doing anything high-impact – grab your sandbag.

So, there are a few ideas. I’m speaking from experience, I’ve utilized each one of these suggestions on my vacation. So far, I haven’t missed a workout, haven’t missed a thing while I was exercising and I feel stronger and more confident with each lift, stride and stretch. Don’t stop!

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