Once a Year!

on December 12, 2012

It’s awefully  hard to write about anything that doesn’t have something to do with the holidays this time of year. So bear with me, I have a few “gifts” for you and a little encouragement and a couple suggestions.

Gifts first. I heard that the best way to offer someone advice is to encourage or compliment them first. So, in the interest of hoping you’ll hear me out, let me give you something to chew on, literally. (:

Here are some great holiday recipes that are so good for you, you can eat them every week of the year if you like. And, I promise you, I’ve tested them out on company and they have passed with flying colors. First off, who can do Christmas without pie? Pumpkin or pecan, anyone?

It’s relatively easy to find a healthy pumpkin pie recipe, so let me offer you a great version of pecan pie. Brought to you courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie. (I recommend her as an excellent resource for dozens of recipes.)


Secondly, you won’t find eggnog on the shelves past New Year’s. That’s probably in your best interest, but still, who can avoid indulging once a year? So, here’s a version you can make that is ridiculously light, and the ingredients are available year-round. This one is courtesy of Hungry Girl.


Now, for the encouragement. Another excellent health resource is Chantel Hobbs. She has a remarkable story of losing over 200lb. and keeping it off. However, that was after yo-yo dieting to despair. Now, she is an athlete, a bold Christian, a nutritionist and a personal trainer. Here’s something to keep in mind as you face down the holiday table:

Food isn’t the enemy.

In fact food is a gift meant to be fully enjoyed. Why else would we have built-in taste buds? The issue for someone who is struggling to loose weight, is how to find the balance between loving food in moderation and loving food too much, too often.

Lastly, I promise to keep the advice to a minimum. When you’re trying to decide what to put on your plate, consider choosing only those things you can’t have all the time. You can usually find mashed potatoes without too much trouble. Grandma probably makes her chocolate chip cookies fairly often. But, like the recipes above, there are a few holiday treats that only make a showing once a year. Enjoy them. And get your mashed potatoes next week.

Merry Christmas!


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