Ancient Fitness Secrets

on December 27, 2012

January is the hallmark month of weekend warriors. It is the a month of pledges, promises and possibilities. It’s the month of commitment, causes and conviction. It’s the month of gyms, joggers and jumping jacks. January necessarily beckons every American adult to set their sights on lofty goals and new achievements. What do you think is the top resolution for 2013?

You probably don’t need to call a friend or use a lifeline. You guessed it, it’s to get fit, according to the Washington Post.  It’s an admirable goal. You can count yourself exceptional if you actually follow through, that according to Time magazine online. 

I wonder what makes the difference between successful strategies and failing philosophies when it comes to getting fit? Could it be motivation? I won’t pretend to know what motivates you. There are dozens of articles with lists of 50 suggestions, 25 solutions, 12 scenarios and a half dozen secrets to achieving your fitness goals. But certainly, finding the key to your stick-to-it-iveness is what will work.

As we closed the chapter of 2012, I read through the Christmas story one more time. But this time, the familiar story brought new questions to mind. I wonder, have New Year’s resolutions always been a practice of forward thinking, successful people? Did Mary ever worry about her waistline? Did Joseph ever measure his biceps? I doubt it, but there’s no doubt this couple was fit, healthy and strong. What was their method?

The road from Nazareth to Bethlehem was no 5K. And with being pregnant before the journey started, Mary hardly had time to train. Despite the hazy, glowing portraits, there is no mention of Mary ever riding a donkey. No, the path that Mary and Joseph probably traveled was 80-90 miles, on foot.

Then, consider this: After Christ’s birth they traveled from Nazareth to Egypt and later back again.
Although only five trips are mentioned, Jesus himself likely made the trek from Jerusalem to Galilee nine times. Each trip was approximately 68 miles walking distance. *

New Year’s resolutions can seem daunting. That’s why most of us last until March before shrugging our shoulders in resignation. This year, instead of making big promises, paying big bucks for gym memberships or setting your sights on a marathon, what if you just said you’d walk more?

Do you think that’s doable? An achievable goal maintained is much more profitable than a daunting goal forfeited.

* Source: The Official Website of Arthur Blessitt and Yahoo Answers


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