Check out Triathlon Camps and Clinics in the Local Area

The following are some kid triathlon camps and programs that are offered in the Washington DC and outlying area:

–          JRU Coaching will be holding a Camp for Kids (C4K) clinic in Leesburg, Virginia to kick off their summer USAT sponsored TriCamp4Kids. The clinics will be held in February, March, and April. More info can be found on their website at


–          Achieve Kids Tri, Inc. is a non-profit organization, operating in Washington DC, that helps under-privileged and at-risk youth enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. They will be holding camps at three locations July 18- July 27. A major component of the ACHIEVE program is to expose kids to the many benefits that come from participation in endurance sports. For more info visit their website at


–          The Columbia Youth Triathlon Camp is specifically designed for youth ages 7-14 years old who want learn how to do a triathlon. Kids will learn everything they need to know to complete a KIDS Triathlon and have FUN doing it! The camp will take place in July and more information and be found at


–         And of course….. Moms Who TRI, out of Burke, Virginia conducts a unique, ongoing program that offers triathlon and running specific skill techniques, basic safety issues, workouts for swimming, biking, and running, and works towards safely competing in age appropriate races. For more info check out  


If anyone knows of any others please let me know so we can post them! Hears to happier and healthier kids!

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More of Abby………

I first off wanted to write a BIG thank you to Abby Kelley who has been contributing to the blog and Moms Who TRI since it started last year. Sadly she will be leaving the area and moving on to new ventures but I wanted to let you all know some of the wonderful places she write for so that you can continue to follow her.

Moody Publishers as a book reviewer
She Loves Magazine
Start Marriage Right 
Believer Life
Haven Journal
Finding Balance
Alive Now – for 2013 print publications
Faith Writers
Best of luck Abby. We love you!
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Why We Tri Together: How to Make A Race Goal Stick

Reaching a new goal, such as a race, is often referred to as a journey because it involves a number of objectives.  Throughout this process, there are a series of short and long-term objective/subjective goals through which a detailed plan can be made.  When people work together to reach these goals, they are more likely to reach race day.


To read more check out the link at :

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Keeping Kids Active

Anyone who has watched their child on the playground knows that most kids are naturally physically active and love to move around. But what might not be apparent is that climbing to the top of the monkey bars or playing tag can lead to a lifetime of being active.

As our kids get older, it can be a challenge for them to get enough daily activity. Reasons include increasing demands of school, a feeling among some kids that they lack sports skills, a lack of active role models, and general “business” in families.

Children of different ages present differing needs when it comes to physical activity. Preschoolers need play-based activities that help them in developing important motor skills. Such activities include tossing and catching a ball, hopscotch, and follow the leader.

School-age kids generally have a desire to spend more of their time on sedentary pursuits such as video games or television. During this time it is important for parents to help guide their children to physical activities they are interested in, enjoy doing, and feel successful doing. Such activities can include traditional sports such as basketball and soccer to less-traditional such as biking, swimming, and martial arts. Simply encouraging a set amount of time spent playing outside can help with encouraging activity.

As a parent it is crucial to be active yourself and support your kids’ interests. If you start this early enough, they will come to regard activity as a normal and fun part of your family’s everyday routine. It is never too late to start.

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Exercise is key component in fighting colds and flu

If you needed another reason to stay active, exercise is now receiving credit for helping in illness prevention such as the flu and colds that are running rampant this year. According to Fitness magazine, the right type, length and intensity of activity can help you fight the common cold or flu.

Research shows that…… please check out the rest of this article that I wrote at




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