Inspiring woman…be one

Inspiration comes in many forms. Many find inspiration in different places. When it comes to triathlon and running we are inspired by women who dare to step up to the start line for the very first time, women who have battled personal challenges, women who have found sport in their golden years or after having children, and women who have used sports to lose weight, get healthy, and take their lives and their future into their own hands.

Many of these women are not professionals and they may not and most times don’t win their races. Many have seen triathlon and running as yet another challenge and have gone on to compete with dedication, positive attitudes and fierce determination.

You may ask, “Who are these women? Where can I find someone like that?” My reply is to look in the mirror. Each and every person has the talent, ability, and drive inside of them to run that next mile, pedal over the hill, swim just one more lap. You are the inspiration… own it.


Paleo 101 for Endurance Athetes

If you have been an endurance athlete for long or have even thought of going the long course chances are you have heard of the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet is said to aid in recovery, reduce the need for carbohydrates during a training session, aid in sleep, and create less of a chance of “bonking” during a race.

So, what is the Paleo Diet? It was a way of eating that was developed by Loren Cordain, Ph.D., whose book, The Paleo Diet, was published in 2002. It later became popular with endurance athletes after a sequel, The Paleo Diet for Athletes, was published three years later.

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Pre-Race nutrition: What to do and eat 24 hours prior to your race

One of the number one questions endurance athletes ask is, “What should I eat before a race?” While there is not one menu or approach that fits everyone, there are some general guidelines that everyone can follow in the 24 hours leading up to the race.

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Running skirts: 2013 fashion for endurance athletes (as seen on the Examiner)

Running skirts are the new fashion statement in the endurance sport world.  Almost every sports gear company offers a version of them now, but there is only one company that can call itself the original:

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Running Fashion for 2013

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting with Cindy Lynch and Christy Baker, twin sisters and co-owners of Both Cindy and Christy are mothers who combine the world of fitness, business, and motherhood into a whirlwind of a successful life. The following is the interview I had with Cindy.

Me: How did it all start?

Cindy (paraphrased): In 2008 I entered Christy into the lottery for the 2008 ING New York City Marathon.  I told her not to worry because our chance for getting drawn was slim. Then, she got picked. At the time Christy had no illusions or desire to run a marathon, she was a fashion designer for her own children’s clothing line. Christy was determined not to wear the “regular” gym shorts that everyone else wore and she set out to design something “cute” to wear for the race. She came up with the running skirt. Everyone complimented us on our skirts and when we got home we both put a little money into the business and my husband made us a website. Five years later…. Here we are. Running Skirts is an internationally recognized company that sells skirts online as well as in Dick’s Sporting Goods and other local running and triathlon stores around the country.

Me: Wow that’s amazing! Since you are a mother how do you incorporate fitness into your every day life as well as your children’s?

Cindy (paraphrased): We find that we do most of our training early in the morning before our kids get up. We enjoy running but we also work with a trainer and do a “bootcamp” style workout once a week to keep us strong. As far as our children, we try to be fit as a family. They participate many times in the kid races that are held concurrently with many race series.

Me: What is your favorite type of workout?

Cindy (paraphrased): I like speed workouts the best as far as running goes. I also like “crossfit” type workouts because they help to keep the injuries away.

Me: Do you have a favorite race series?

Cindy (paraphrased): I really enjoy the Disney race series both in California and Florida. They are a lot of fun both to run in and for the family.

Me: Do you see a triathlon anywhere in your future?

Cindy (paraphrased): Well, my husband bought me a road bike for Christmas and is trying to encourage me to do a triathlon in Hawaii this next year. We will see…..

In visiting with both Christy and Cindy I found them to be a delight and an inspiration for mothers today who desire to be fit, do what they love, and dare to take a chance on an idea and make a dream a reality.

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