Inspiring woman…be one

on February 21, 2013

Inspiration comes in many forms. Many find inspiration in different places. When it comes to triathlon and running we are inspired by women who dare to step up to the start line for the very first time, women who have battled personal challenges, women who have found sport in their golden years or after having children, and women who have used sports to lose weight, get healthy, and take their lives and their future into their own hands.

Many of these women are not professionals and they may not and most times don’t win their races. Many have seen triathlon and running as yet another challenge and have gone on to compete with dedication, positive attitudes and fierce determination.

You may ask, “Who are these women? Where can I find someone like that?” My reply is to look in the mirror. Each and every person has the talent, ability, and drive inside of them to run that next mile, pedal over the hill, swim just one more lap. You are the inspiration… own it.


2 responses to “Inspiring woman…be one

  1. Lindsay says:

    And how! Desperate to loose 55lbs of post baby weight I threw myself into a student program at the university called Try a Tri. Sure, the kids were about 10 years younger and fitter, but I knew I couldn’t let my insecurities hold me back. In the end, I was the only one who actually registered and completed a sprint triathlon in the summer of 2012! Winning for me was completing the tri. I met my goal and I have been able to translate that motivation in to other areas of my life. It was really hard, but so worth it and now I can look back and say, “Hey I did that, nothing can hold me back.” Now I need to ramp up my training for summer of 2013!

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