North Face Flight Series Better Than Naked Clothing: An endurance athletes dream


Looking for clothing for the endurance athlete? Look no further than the North Face’s Flight Series collection of Better Than Naked performance gear. The Better Than Naked line is completely performance-driven with premium features and a minimalistic design. They protect the athlete from the environment while providing comfort and durability.

North Face provides both a women’s and men’s line of clothing in their Better Than Naked series consisting of shirts, jackets, and shorts. All articles are extremely light functional and built for endurance athletes who may experience fluctuating conditions all within one days’ workout. The fabric is uniquely soft, yet also breathable and stretchy.

When I first tested the clothing, the morning began with a damp drizzle which faded away to a hot sun by the end of my workout. I was extremely impressed by the jackets ability to keep me dry and warm as well as be airy and unrestricting at the same time. As the temperature warmed up it was easy to store the jacket in my shorts pocket due to the little amount of space the jacket required to be stored. Under the jacket I wore the Better Than Naked short sleeve running shirt. It felt wonderful on and wicked the sweat away while still feeling light and cool.

Overall, the Better Than Naked clothing is a joy to wear for varying weather conditions as well as various training scenarios. With gear like this there is little need for a multitude of training outfits. This one can fit the bill for all.

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